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Business Processes & Invoicing

When managing a business, it can quickly become very confusing issuing and paying invoices.

My invoicing service ensures that invoices are sent promptly and are also followed up efficiently if payments are late.

I can handle the cash flow of your business and manage all the money coming in and going out to ensure that the business is viable which if not monitored correctly can be detrimental to the business.

In addition, I can also assist you with:

Bank Reconciliation & Balance Sheets

A Bank Reconciliation is a process of matching your income and expenses from your records against the money received or spent from your bank account/s or loan/s.

A Balance Sheet in a business is basically a list of what you owe, are owed and what you own. It is used to show your business’s “nett worth” at any one time.

An essential part of any business’ internal processes is making sure that the balance sheet does exactly that – that it balances! Performing a “Bank Rec” regularly will help determine any account errors as well as any significant problems, such as fraudulent activity – you need to have an equitable Balance Sheet.

If you are unsure of how to complete a “Bank Rec” correctly this can often turn into a long, drawn out process which is why I’m here to help.

I can complete your “Bank Rec” in a timely, efficient manner and bring any errors to your attention.

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