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BAS Reporting

As a certified BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board, I provide reliable BAS services and you can count on our service to satisfy your tax responsibilities and duties with the Tax Office.

For new business owners, BAS stands for Business Activity Statement –  depending on the size of your business, and if your business is registered for GST or not, a BAS lodgement is a form that needs to be filled out anywhere from a single time to up to twelve times a year. It is not as simple as pushing a button though – it is important to ensure that all reporting is completed correctly and that your accounts and bookkeeping are up to date to give an accurate reflection of your business.

The information provided through a business’s BAS lodgement reports to ATO the amounts of GST, staff tax deducted from wages paid and pay-as-you-go  (PAYG) income tax instalments owed for the period. This ensures the accuracy of these amounts is exact, and that it is lodged by the required date.

I can help ease the stress of your business’s necessary reporting & BAS lodgement by completing the lodgement for you, so you never have to worry about missing a submission again.

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Preparation of Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Financial Reports – Can be prepared remotely

I can assist with helping you stay in control of your businesses finances by preparing monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports as they’re required.

By having a financial report completed frequently you can make informed decisions regarding your business for a prosperous future.

In these strange COVID-19 times, I can support you under changing working conditions, uncertain economic conditions and help you understand information regarding the release of the cash flow stimulus packages announced by our Government.

This can all be done remotely with the use of cloud-based programs including Zoom, TeamViewer and Microsoft Teams. These have become crucial to managing meetings – it is clear every business will have to adjust.

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